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29 juin 2005

Russian defence aviation mogul beaten up, robbed

29 Jun 2005 08:20:56 GMT, Source: Reuters MOSCOW, June 29 (Reuters) - Armed men beat up and threatened to kill the head of Russian aerospace giant Sukhoi on Wednesday after breaking into his house and stripping it of money and jewellery, police said. The four unidentified men broke into Mikhail Pogosyan's villa in a heavily guarded compound near Moscow through an open window just after midnight, tied up his wife and 19-year-old son with electric cables, and beat him up. "They stole money, gold jewellery and a... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2005

Sibneft Oil Company President Buys French Vinery

President of Sibneft Oil Company Evgeny Shvidler has bought the Chateau Thenac wine trading house in the French province of Bergerac, east of Bordeaux, Interfax reported Thursday.The vinery produces up to 125,000 bottles of wine a year, its vinelands, aged 25-40 years, occupy 33 hectares, the wine house's report says.Shvidler invested only private funds in the wine production project, the report added.Although Shvidler first showed an interest in the wine business in 2002, though the Russian market has not yet seen much of Chateau... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2005

White Paper Spot Light: "IT Outsourcing Destination: Russia"

[Un livre blanc, publié par RUSSOFT lors du dernier "Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit — ROSS-2005" qui s'est déroulé le 15- 18 juin 2005. D'après les analystes, le volume des exportations de la Russie en matière d'industrie logiciel a atteint les 725 Mln USD en 2004, avec une croissance soutenue de 30-40%] RUSSOFT's "White Paper" is the fruit of the combined strength of companies participating in RUSSOFT, and is directed to bringing more adequate and objective information about the state and the... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2005

Importation du vins en Russie

1°- Moldova – Pendant la période de janv -mai 2005, la part des importations a représenté 56.21 %. Le volume des importations du vin en 2004 s'est élevé à 176.92 millions litres et a enregistré une croissance de 12.29 % par rapport à 2003. En janvier - mai (inclus) 2005, 79.31 millions litres du vin ont été importés, ce qui représente un recul de (-1.22 %) par rapport à la même période 2004. 2°- Bulgarie – Pendant la période de janv -mai 2005, la part des importations a représenté 14.49 %.. Le volume des importations du vin en 2004... [Lire la suite]
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