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01 juin 2006

First serially produced'Night Hunter' enters into Russian Defense Ministry's service

[1 Jun 2006] /RIA Novosti/ Following its full successful factory test cycle the first serially manufactured helicopter Mi-28N 'Night Hunter' has been delivered to the Russian Defense Ministry.This information was obtained from the press-service of Rostvertol that makes these machines. The serially produced helicopter will be added to two experimental Mi-28 N machines being tested by the Ministry of Defense, and is expected to prove its performance and pass tests of its radio electronic equipment, including weapon systems, says a... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2006

Boeing to spend $27 mln in Russia, says Boeing top-ranking CEO

[1 Jun 2006] /AVIA.RU/ Boeing intends to conclude contracts valued at about $ 27 mln in the coming 30 years largely for the purchase of products made of Russian titanium, said a Boeing top-ranking CEO.According to president of the Russia/CIS' Boeing branch Sergei Kravchenko, the Boeing- Civil Aircraft company forecasts that within the upcoming 30 years it will spend $ 18 bln on the purchase of articles of Russian titanium and more than $ 5 bln on intellectual and engineering services.Meantime, Boeing other devisions will in the same... [Lire la suite]
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29 mai 2006

Accord ministère du Développement économique - Volkswagen sur une usine d'assemblage en Russie

MOSCOU, 29 mai - RIA Novosti. Le ministère russe du Développement économique et du Commerce (MERT) et le groupe allemand Volkswagen ont signé lundi un accord sur la réalisation d'un projet d'assemblage d'automobiles en Russie. Le document a été signé par le ministre russe du Développement économique et du Commerce, Guerman Gref, et le président du directoire de Volkswagen, Bernd Pischetsrieder. Le constructeur allemand a aussi conclu un accord sur l'implantation d'une usine dans la région de Kalouga avec le gouverneur Anatoli... [Lire la suite]
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